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AthleFIT is the brand new fitness programme from England Athletics which combines athletics with a fun and exciting programme of getting and keeping fit and will “take athletics to the people” providing accessible non competitive fitness sessions based upon athletics and ultimately - where there is a desire - a link through to athletics clubs and competition.

AthleFIT is delivered by trainers and leaders who are trained using our own 3 hour training programme so that we can ensure that those taking part receive a  consistent delivery of this new fun fitness programme which will "take athletics to the people".

AthleFIT can be delivered in local facilities such as school halls, faith centres and anywhere there is a need and that people feel comfortable.

  • For those who want to get ahead and get AthleFIT moving in their areas training workshops are already available nationwide.
  • For those who are already REPs accredited the workshop will gain you 3 REPs CPD points.

Ultimately AthleFIT is fun, flexible, accessible and challenging for the individual whatever their level of experience, expectation or aspiration. AthleFIT combines the best of the fundamentals of athletics - running, jumping and throwing in a fun and inclusive way which can be tailored to everyone's needs and abilities.

For more information or to organise leader training please contact the AthleFIT National project manager John Skevington

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