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AthleFIT top left imageAthleFIT is delivered by trainers and leaders with local knowledge of their communities who are trained by England Athletics in conjunction with the FIA (Fitness Industry Association) to "take athletics to the people" using local community facilities, leisure centres and similar venues and via local "doorstep" venues to encourage those who take part in little or no sport or exercise to take part for the first time.

Leaders come from all sectors and communities and anyone who undertakes the 3 hour AthleFIT orientation workshop is insured through UKA insurance to deliver AthleFIT to adults, the workshop will still carry 3 REPs points for those that are accredited. Most important is the fact that AthleFIT can be delivered in local facilities such as school halls, faith centres and anywhere there is a need and that people feel comfortable and so truly opening up athletics to everyone.  

Ultimately AthleFIT is fun, flexible, accessible and challenging for the individual whatever their level of experience or indeed whatever their expectation or aspiration for getting fit or fitter. AthleFIT combines the best of the fundamentals of athletics - running, jumping and throwing which are applied to a fun fitness programme suitable for absolutely everyone.

England Athletics CEO Chris Jones said, "Athlefit has already demonstrated its popularity within communities that wouldn’t normally get involved in athletics, sport or exercise, its open, accessible and inclusive format which is led by leaders who understand their local communities has proved a real success and has introduced athletics to many that would never have thought about getting involved. For those that took part in Sportshall athletics at school this will be like a trip down memory lane for them."

For more information or to organise leader training please contact the Athlefit National project manager John Skevington

You can now buy an AthleFIT bag full of goodies to get your sessions going - includes Relay Batons, Sportshall Hurdles, Wobble Cushions, Quoits and Mini Bull Nosed Javelins plus much more.  See the bottom of the Resources page.


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